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Meetings, conferences, and workshops have always been the heart of League activity, offering members a break from the solitude of the writing life, as well as an opportunity to develop their professional skills and make professional contacts.

The League's meeting schedule has evolved from a single annual meeting held in various locations around the state. In the 1950s, to increase the all-time low membership, a second meeting was added. The third meeting and fourth meetings evolved in the 1970s, with an informal discussion and potluck lunch filling the vacancy left when the Summer Institutes (see below) ended. The fourth meeting is a fall retreat, held first at Gove Hill and, since 2002, at the Bishop Booth Conference Center in Burlington.

In 1980 the League adopted the practice of holding quarterly meetings on the fourth Saturdays in January, April, July, and September. The January meeting is the official annual meeting, at which reports are presented to the membership and officers and directors-at-large are elected. The tradition of holding meetings around the state has evolved into a pattern: the January meeting is held in the Burlington area, the April meeting near Rutland. The July meeting alternates between northern and southern Vermont, and includes a potluck picnic with one or two speakers. The September meeting is a retreat. Details about upcoming meetings are posted on the Events page.

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THE VERMONT TRADITION grapples energetically with the basic problem of human conduct...how to reconcile the needs of the group, of which every man or woman is a member,..with the craving for individual freedom to be what he really is.

—Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1953