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Events Saturday, July 18, 2015 - Summer Member Showcase

"Into the Words"—LVW's Summer Retreat and Member Showcase!

Congratulations to everyone who was involved with bringing the Summer Showcase Event "Into the Words" into being at Jerry Johnson's beautiful site in Albany, VT.

[Full-disclosure: I was a presenter - Pat G O'B - but I can't take credit for creating this super event. The Program Team that did the work was stellar. Thanks especially to our talented President, Ally Berthiaume, who envisioned this event and deftly guided it into being. I'm confident we'll hear more about all of the volunteers who worked so hard on this one as we progress toward publishing recaps of the event in the next League Lines.]

Purposefully named “Into the Words” playing off the hit-musical and movie Into the Woods, event planners wanted to create that feeling of getting lost in the thing that you love (words) with people who share that adoration (writers).

I'd say they succeeded.

And a heartfelt thanks from the League of Vermont Writers to all of our members and supporters who came out to spend this time with each other. We had a large and wonderful crowd of writers to share the day. You folks are the proof of the pudding -- your participation made all the difference!

Presenters and Workshops

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