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Newsletters Archives January 2012 League Lines: Annual Meeting and Winter Program

January 2012 League Lines: Annual Meeting and Winter Program

The League's Annual Meeting and Winter Program, Saturday, January 21, 2012.

On the agenda for Annual Meeting:

  • Reports on activities of the Board of Directors, 2011
  • Proposed amendments to the League's by-laws to streamline governance
  • Election of Directors for 2012
  • Info on programs coming up this year, including a new Writers Meet Agents event in the works for July!


On the bill for the Winter Program:

  • ALLISON MONCRIEF BROMAGE with a mini-workshop on writing [if you remember Alison from her class on metaphor at Rock Point, you know you want to be with us again for this!]
  • SALOMA FURLONG on her new memoir, Why I Left the Amish, with time to reflect and ask questions
  • ERIC DEANS on writing for and designing online games (Eric currently works on the online game, Asheron's Call)


To see the current edition of League Lines, including nominations for the Board of Directors and an official warning of proposed changes to our by-laws, read it here.

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