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About LVW Board Members Vice-President: Mary Muncil

Vice-President: Mary Muncil

M y primary motivation for joining the League, and my desire to be a board member, both stem from a deep desire to connect with other writers in our magnificent state of Vermont. I initially joined just because I thought it would motivate me to write more often if I was a member of a writing organization. I also loved the thought that LVW was the oldest, continually operating, writing organization in the state, and I wanted to be involved with that energy and do my part in keeping it going. My background is diverse (which is a nice way of saying that I’ve gone all over the place in my almost-60 years of life, trying to find where I “fit in”). I have a B.A. in Economics, graduating Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of New Hampshire. I finished one half of a Master’s Degree in Economics, before realizing that I didn’t want to be an economist, then completed one half of an M.Div. at Harvard Divinity School before realizing that I didn’t want to be a traditional minister, and set out on my own journey to find the divinity within. I currently work as a spiritual counselor, painter, blogger, and writer— of several books for which I am in the process of deciding whether or not they are worthy of publication. One of my favorite quotes about writing is: “There are three rules for the writing of a novel. Unfortunately no one knows what they are.” —Somerset Maugham

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THE VERMONT TRADITION grapples energetically with the basic problem of human conduct...how to reconcile the needs of the group, of which every man or woman is a member,..with the craving for individual freedom to be what he really is.

—Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1953